Who’s Moving to Cloud?

While many Fortune 500 companies have made the shift to cloud, small and medium sized companies, those with less than a few hundred employees, are now scrambling to catch up. The cloud is redefining the way small businesses handle their data and communications, and in this digital world, businesses must keep up.

Cloud ServicesIs it possible to save money by moving to an entirely based cloud solution for your email, web hosting, data storage and security?

Yes.. cloud can do that!

Now picture in your mind a power surge, fire or even flood. Your hard-drives, servers, data, phone systems and everything else is gone. Your greatest fear is now a reality.

While equipment can be replaced, imagine the feeling you’ll have when you realize the loss of critical data. Now, you and your team are scrambling. Productivity goes out the window as the days and weeks pass while you continue to pray for the miracle of data recovery. The worry alone will drive you crazy.

Cloud is the answer.  Vertigoal Business Solutions’ core genius is helping SME’s just like yours, bring critical systems and processes into a cloud based eco-system that is a secure, redundant, efficient, not to mention the convenience of accessing your data anywhere – anytime!  We build, manage and a powerful communication and data intensive system that will create more value in your business while giving you peace-of-mind and in most cases, significant cost savings.

In your new cloud eco-system, you’ll experience ease-of-use created by the most technologically advanced and relevant technology.  You won’t even need an internal IT support person to keep your business humming, it’s that powerful.

If you are a small or medium sized business looking to dramatically cut computing costs and improve efficiency then book a 15 minute phone consult with one of our Cloud experts.

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Your 24/7 Support Guarantee! Our promise to you, our customers and partners:

Your business demands 24-7 support.  Our 24 Hour Help Desk crew are always available to answer your questions.  Our commitment is to provide our customers with help and attention during urgent technical issues. Our goal is to Wow! We have earned your trust. This is where we intend to keep it. Your success is important to us. Discover how 24-7 Support be the insurance you need to keep going in times of uncertainty.

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The top 5 reasons small-business owners should move to cloud.

  • 5. Lower costs – Moving to the cloud can provide small businesses with significant savings. Businesses can do more with less. There are no longer a need for extra square footage in your office to find rack space, ventilation, maintain dinosaur hardware, or supporting costs for extinct technology. Those savings for small business are huge.
  • 4. Faster & Better Communication – The ability to save and access various files through the cloud enables employees to easily work from the same master document. Cloud collaboration tools, such as Google Drive, allow users to upload, edit and comment on documents, which makes for better workplace collaboration.
  • 3. Greater control over user access. – Not only can you limit access to subcontractors, non-tenured employees, or temps, at a flip of a switch, everything turns off for the people you no longer wish to have access. How many times have you seen someone in your company get access to something they shouldn’t have access to?

  • 2. Work from anywhere – We live in a world where solely working at a desktop in the office is rare. We now spend most of our time on tablets, laptops and smartphones. Digital automation is dripping sales notifications onto our mobile phones. We’re developing proposals on a plane and pushing them directly to clients. To have a competitive edge these days, small businesses must be agile.

    One of the most alluring benefits of cloud computing is being able to access work-related files and information from any device in any place at any time. We live in a mobile world. Keep your staff productive on the devices that work best for them.

And the the NUMBER #1 reason to move to cloud is

  • 1. Greater integration – The digital based economy is forcing Canadian businesses to adopt a cloud-based eco-systems so that they can manage everything from marketing, CRM’s, accounting, HR and even fulfillment.

It’s never been easier for a small-business to compete for bigger contracts.
Once you make the shift to cloud, it’ll improve your systems and processes and make business so incredibly seamless you’ll start looking like a fortune 500 company.

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Never Miss a Call Again

Our cloud-based phone systems seamlessly route call. Whether you’re out for lunch, at the gym or even briefly away from your desk, you can automate your calls to roll to next available sales representative. You can even roll your calls to mobile phones.

The customer experience is integral to your company’s success. So in order to get that  “wow factor” every time you can configure your new phone system to:

  • Manage call routing to anyone’s land, voip or wireless phone.
  • Dramatically cut down on missed calls.
  • Significantly Improve your customer touch points.

Some of the highly customized call routing features:

  • Purposefully route calls by pre-configuring the most beneficial route sequencing.
  • Our advanced digital technology enables you to have your desk phone or laptop and smartphone integrated into one! VBS provides unified communication for Small Business and businesses up to 100 employees.
  • Follow Me: Calls can be forwarded to multiple numbers that will ring in a designated sequence
  • Simultaneous Ring: Configure your cell phone or other type of desk phone to ring as soon as a call comes in..
  • Voicemail
  • Do Not Disturb
  • On Hold Marketing: Use this high valuable time to get your marketing message across.

Phone SolutionsCall Tracking Software collects incoming and outgoing telephone data generated by the phone system and can be used to control operation expenses, recover costs, allocate project / account expenses and increase employee productivity

Call Detail Recording (CDR), Station Message Detail Recording (SMDR) or telephone data collected typically includes date, time, call duration, calling/destination parties, call authorization, account code and Caller ID line/trunk information

Call Management Software uses this data to provide cost, caller identification, location information and more for report summary and detail generation

VOIP technology today has allowed us to bring the world together.

Upgrading your voice systems has never been easier and more cost effective. In fact, in most cases, upgrading will increase your sales, save you money, and give you the power to automate more systems and processes to be more productive. Is it time to get a quote?

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Customize Your Communications

13275670_sWhether you’re moving to a new location, upgrading your systems, building new infrastructures or growing into multiple locations, Vertigoal Business Solutions has some of the best in-house IT and cloud systems talent in Canada to customize any solution no matter what your budget is.  We have seriously fine-tuned the process of assessing the needs of today’s small and medium sized enterprises.

Before you make your next data, voice and communications move, we think you should book a quick consult with one of our expert advisors and get the low down on what’s available to make your move more cost effective and timely.

How do we work with you?

Book a 15 Minute Consult. We’ll ask specific questions to quickly determine your needs and next steps.
We then book a free on-site analysis for data, wireless, landlines, internet and toll free.
We then propose a customized cloud-based eco-system that you can grow with. We essentially optimize your data, voice and communications so your team can sell more, do more and report faster.

Because we help thousands of businesses a year, we’ve developed a core expertise that helps owners optimize their businesses. If your goal is to dramatically improve both internal and external communications so your team can be more productive, create more sales, and deliver a better customer experience, then you have reached the right people to help you. We’re Vertigoal Business Solutions and we mean business.

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